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Faces Kitchen & Bar

Kings Head Walk, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 6FH

01245 888 999

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About Faces Kitchen & Bar

Faces kitchen and bar will inspire even the most discerning palates, from a mid morning brunch, a business lunch, a Sunday roast or a catch up with friends over an evening meal. The food is contemporary, home-made using the finest locally sourced produce, incorporating a fantastic Josper Grill to create a unique taste and texture and some of the finest cooked steaks and fish. Reef beef and bubbles is here!

Our all encompassing state-of-the-art venue features a mix of cool music to reflect the time of day, live music is a prominent feature as is late night entertainment when dining makes way for dancing and partying the Faces way! So if you’re looking for that complete ‘night out’ experience with a something for everyone feel about it, then your face is going to fit at faces kitchen and bar.

Cuisines: British, Gastro Pub, Traditional

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"Faces - Their tagline should be "Your face has to fit"."

I would give Faces 0/5 if I could. I live in London but booked a hotel and travel to come down for a tribute night at Faces. I know the band very well so came to support them. Dinner was sold out but was told there would be free entry from 9pm. Normally at a tribute event, even if it included dinner, after the dinner and when the band came on, customers would be allowed to stand up and dance. When I got there, I found a little spot behind a pillar, I wasn't obstructing their view. I was filming a lot of the gig for the band via a live video feed for their fans. There were a crowd standing up next to me on the side and they were asked to go back to their seats. A lady came up to me and asked me to move. I replied with the fact I was minding my own business and not obstructing anyone. She turned out to be the manager but did not introduce herself as such. Security then came over and asked me to follow him, which I did. He took me outside, to have a discussion with me, I explained I know the band and that I've been to many of their gigs and even with a dinner before the gig, usually they have some sort of dancefloor for customers to enjoy the night. He didn't like what I had to say. "Head of Security" called me a spolit brat. He said that Faces paid for the band and what they say goes. He also said to me that "You might be used to getting what you want but you're not getting it this time." After all these insults, I didn't want to talk anymore and said that I wanted to go inside and have a drink. The bouncer told me I was barred from the venue. I spent the entire night outside until the band finished. Managers were unprofessional. They didn't make themselves known to be the manager until after they chucked me out of the venue. I wasn't behaving inappropriately or being abusive. They had the authority to diffuse the situation but they didn't. As for security, he clearly had a massive chip on his shoulder. He thinks he's in some kind of Mafia... keep on dreaming. Managers, staff and security need to undergo some major training in customer service. What happened to the adage "the customer is always right"? If these guys don't like the look of you then you're chucked out and anything you say gets misinterpreted and they twist your words. This place isn't even worth going to. I've never been treated in this manner in any of the clubs in London.There's better places to go out to in Essex. Avoid if you don't want to be abused.
Reviewed by: natashamelissa
on 21st December 2016
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